eAccess on-line Visibility

Document storage systems

Considering transaction-intensive business processes and massive volumes of data and reports being generated with each process, every business faces numerous records management challenges.

To help organizations successfully respond to this convergence, endless implements a sophisticated yet user friendly system for its records storage and management services. Endless uses the industry leading O’Neil RSSQL software which has proven its versatility and resilience in handling high volume transaction simultaneously without fail.

eAccess on-line Visibility

Through our eaccess online service, we offer 24/7 access with real-time visibility.

Our online interface allows you to conduct data entry, both at box and file level, place online orders for delivery and pickup, create and save custom searches and queries, place orders for secure destruction, new barcodes labels, bar-coded seals and empty archive boxes.

This system also provides a pool of MIS reports that makes future reference of any transaction effortless at any point in time.